“Staying on the cutting edge of an industry and helping people get engaged is what makes me excited about being an entrepreneur.” 

Successful entrepreneur

Fashion model

Professional spokesperson

Shari Williams has spent her career in the public spotlight and is one of the most dynamic and sought-after public speakers in the region.

Shari Williams embodies the mission of her entrepreneurial pursuits. She is driven, passionate and a visionary, all while maintaining her love for her family, friends and colleagues. 



What others have said...
Total Class Collections

Thank God for assigning you to Total Class Collections to be its "business angel". You've remained productive, committed and steadfast as our Public Relations Consultant. Your energy, drive, creativity and initiative is commendable. 

Gail Garrett, Owner

Total Class Collections

1 Bag Travel

"Shari Williams is a great example of an empowered woman! Through her organization, Shari Williams Enterprises, she connects people, coordinates events, supports community Initiatives, and encourages others to reach their full potential."

Rhonda Feimster, owner

1 Bag Travel

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the results of plans not just written on paper but carried out. Shari cares deeply for our community and is committed to positively impacting as many people as she can. The most beautiful thing about Shari is that her heart and her words line up with each other and both are golden.

-Syreeta Williams, founder/president

Haute Wives