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Shari Williams, President

“Staying on the cutting edge of an industry and helping people get engaged is what makes me excited about being an entrepreneur”


Shari Williams embodies the mission of her entrepreneurial pursuits. She is driven, passionate and a visionary, all while maintaining her love for her family, friends and colleagues.


Shari Williams Enterprises, LLC has a line of beauty care products and provides consulting services involving public relations and event planning. Passionate about flying and teaching, Williams recently expanded her business interests into the emerging drone industry, becoming a UAS licensed drone pilot, expert speaker and instructor. 


“My instincts told me to stay current with new lines of business interest,” says WIlliams. “The drone industry is allowing me to be involved in a variety of areas, including real estate, construction, public safety, media and photography.”


As Williams continues to grow her business enterprises, she draws upon a broad range of professional, business and personal experience. Her focus on connecting with people in their place in life combined with her rare ability to understand their goals has allowed her to partner, consult and support others in their entrepreneurial endeavors and special projects. William’s drive has allowed her to build the highly successful Woman Up! initiatives, a networking and business platform that honors women.

A graduate of Eastern University with a degree in Organizational Management, Williams is currently a communications specialist for the PUC and a professional model who has appeared in various commercial print catalogs and campaigns. To each pursuit, Williams brings a unique flair, a grounded nature and a wonderful sense of humor. She can’t wait to see what unfolds everyday in her entrepreneurial journey.

Shari Williams
A New View From Above

Veteran communications expert covers new ground as drone pilot, consultant.

Wednesday, 07 March 2018 00:00

Written by Sheila Simmons

Photo courtesy of Shawn Sims, True Vine Photography

Shari Williams, President

During the day, Shari Williams is a senior communications specialist for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, but during her off-time, she’s “Goddess of Drones” and her motto is “Shut up and fly!”   

Williams is one of a small percentage of women, and especially African-American women, who are licensed drone pilots and experts on the use of drones for recreational and commercial purposes.   

Whether she’s instructing students at a drone boot camp or working as a consultant to realtors on figuring drone visuals into their property listings, she is intent on sharing her love of drones with anyone willing to examine their potential.   

“Photos, mapping, data,” Williams says, ticking off possible application, following it with the industries and services where it can be used: “Search and rescues, cinematography, delivering packages, military, construction, real estate, the utility industry, looking at a roof.”   

“If you’re not going to a four-year college, or looking to reinvent yourself with something new,” Williams says, job seekers should consider work that utilizes drones. “I thought this was something I would never do. And I wouldn’t have, had someone not introduced me to it. Now, it’s so exhilarating to be outside, to get that experience, and to have fun with it as well.”   

For Williams, it all started when a friend suggested she add drone expertise to her background of promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and new technologies to area youth. But the drone bug didn’t bite her until the two were out in Cobbs Creek Park with the drone taking pictures from up high.   

Her friend reminded her, “You’re a professional model. Who wouldn’t want a camera in the sky? … The next thing you know, we’re outside for three hours.”

Shari Williams

MenzFit is a 501(c) (3) educational non–profit organization whose mission is ensuring long–term gainful employment and financial fitness to low–income men who are largely minority with little formal education. Rhonda E. Willingham, the President and Founder of MenzFit, started this unique program to help men get jobs and become self-sufficient. I interviewed Rhonda at one of her charity events and participated in several of her fashion shows, casino nights and other events.    @menzfit

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