celebrate. promote. invest.

Cultivating successful businesses and entrepreneurs

Shari Williams Enterprises LLC, is an innovative and creative consulting company designed to celebrate, promote, and invest in the success of people, businesses, and organizations.


• PR Consulting

• Professional Speakers

• Fundraising

• Strategic Marketing

• Event Planning

• Workshop Facilitation

• Professional Drone Services

WomanUp! Initiatives Business Networking Circle & Programs are designed to embrace, uplift and celebrate women in business.

Services Include:

• Business Development


•Coaching Workshops

• Retreats

• Conferences.

• Social Networking Events.


• Fundraisers

WomanUP! Hat & Tea Awards


The signature WomanUP! Hat & Tea Awards is an elegant event that celebrates phenomenal women for their philanthropy, their leadership, and their commitment to the communities they serve.

The WomanUP! Initiatives Network

The WomanUP! Initiatives Network offers a variety of services to help women build and promote their personal brand and expand their business network.

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Successful entrepreneur, fashion model and professional spokesperson. Shari Williams has spent her career in the public spotlight and is one of the most dynamic and sought-after public speakers in the region. She has used her platform and her powerful voice to bring awareness to important causes, empower women, and to give back to her community.

The SWE Speakers Network 

is comprised of a carefully curated team of professional speakers and subject matter experts who can customize their message to suit any audience – large or small. Whether it is a corporate event, a fundraiser, a conference or an intimate luncheon for 30 or 300, the SWE Speakers Network offers knowledgeable and diverse speakers who can deliver the message you need.


Workshop Facilitation

Workshops should be engaging and informative. Are yours? SWE’s confident and capable team of facilitators are trained to present well-researched, informative workshops that will educate, uplift and engage participants.

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• Property Evaluations


•Events & Engagements

• Property Tours

•  Demonstrations

Learn how to Fly Your Own Drone

 See the World From a New Perspective!


Shut Up & Fly One-on-One Drone Classes – Our expert team of certified drone pilots will teach you what you need to know to legally and safely fly drones. These in-depth training sessions include aircraft system set-up, preflight check walkthrough, advanced settings, and emergency situations and procedures.

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